Carbon Fibre Aerial Camera Masts and Camera Pole Systems by Vantage Point Products

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Carbon fibre camera mast pole extending to 20ft 6m two storeys high, stabilised by a tripod
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6m 20ft Camera Mast for Sports Performance Video Analysis and Photography
Vantage Point Products 9m 10m 30ft three storey carbon fibre camera mast pole for aerial elevated images and video being shown fully extended
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9m 30ft Elevated Camera Telescopic Mast for Aerial Photography and Video
Vantage Point Products 40ft 12m four storey survey camera pole solution for asset roof and solar survey inspection, fully extended
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12m 40ft Aerial Survey Camera Mast System for Roof, Solar and Asset Inspection
Single operator using a 52ft 15m five storey camera pole system for roof inspection, sold by Vantage Point Products
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15m 50ft 20 x Optical Zoom HD Camera Pole System for Roof Surveys, Solar and Asset Inspection
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