Custom Solutions

Vantage Point Products have consulted for a number of organisations, whether SME's or individual operators, in order for us to design, build and supply them with custom aerial imaging mast systems or camera pole systems built to their specific requirements.

Custom solutions have included:

  • Manufacture of carbon fibre masts (i.e. wider outer diameter at the top section – heavier payloads) or poles (i.e. narrower outer diameter at the top section – lighter payloads) with lower modulus or standard modulus density (for budgetary constraints, to elevate lighter cameras, or produce the best balance between material costs and performance given their application)
  • Manufacture of carbon fibre with high or ultra-high modulus density (to increase strength and rigidity for heavier payloads at greater heights, or very heavy payload at lower heights)
  • Minimum retracted lengths (to fit inside smaller vehicles or luggage, i.e. 1.37m retracted / 8.5m extended)
  • Maximum extension length possible (to safely elevate a specific type of camera to a certain height)
  • Insulation of base section (for applications that require electrically non-conductive materials)
  • Sourcing or manufacture of specific mounting solutions (to cater for elevating hardware without ¼”-20 or 3/8”-16 universal camera mounting options)
  • Sourcing of wireless or wired remote control camera hardware (we have industry knowledge, special contacts with quality suppliers and understanding of unique hardware which saves the customer time and money trying to research and source hardware themselves)
  • Sourcing of specialist cameras that suit a customer’s application (high resolution, high optical zoom, 360 VR, laser scan and IR thermal for example).


Custom terms and costs

If you require a custom solution, we would be glad to help. We offer a friendly, professional service, and we are easy to work with no matter where you are based around the world.

Please note that, while the highly valuable pre-purchase consultation we provide will not be charged to the customer for their initial enquiry, in order to cover our costs in time and material we must apply a minimum order quantity and terms (subject to change) to custom orders:

  • For carbon fibre mast or pole solutions, the minimum order quantity is six (6) complete units of the same type (including but not limited to dimensions, material type, mounting solution, and imaging hardware).
  • For orders lower than this volume, we will apply a reasonable charge, included in the cost per mast or pole provided.
  • The above also applies to the production of one single prototype mast or pole, which we will test in-house and if satisfied (after strict quality control) will be dispatched to the customer for their own in-house testing.
  • If the custom design is not deemed by us as radical, and is instead based on our historic mast or pole designs, and we believe it will prove suitable for the customer’s requested application; then we may choose to lower the minimum order quantity and / or reduce the design fees accordingly.
  • Unless agreed with the customer in advance, within set terms including a non-competition agreement and a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, then Vantage Point Products reserve the right to retail this mast or pole solution to other customers.
  • Buying one of our custom mast or pole designs outright and excluding Vantage Point Products from retailing any custom unit produced will require further discussion and financial agreements.

Custom timescales

Custom timescales depend on design time and unit volume:

If based on a historic design of Vantage Point Products (or another manufacturer we may choose to work with) that can be repeated and sourced to suit a customer’s application, then we can usually acquire, test and dispatch a suitable mast or pole system within 5-10 working days.

If based on a custom design that may require new development, and possibly new tooling at the factory, then we can usually produce, test and dispatch a custom mast or pole system within 6-8 working weeks.

As stated, the minimum order quantity is 6 complete units of the same type (including but not limited to dimensions, material type, mounting solution, and imaging hardware).

For a single prototype unit, the same 6-8 week timescales apply.

Faster turnaround may be possible, but requires further discussion at least regarding mast or pole design, material choice, and unit volume, as well as other factors that affect manufacturing and delivery timescales.

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