Warranty and Returns

At Vantage Point Products, we go to great lengths to ensure that each and every customer can make a fully informed purchase, and receive a tool that becomes an essential part of their day to day aerial imaging operations.

We are extremely proud of our levels of customer satisfaction, and our rapid response if, on the very rare occasion, a customer wishes to report a perceived or proven fault, whether with our own made products (aerial imaging mast systems and camera pole systems) or for a product supplied from an external supplier (i.e. a camera or associated accessory).

To achieve this low (less than 2%) returns rate, we always do the following before agreeing to supply our goods and services:

  • We listen to your exact requirements, and provide realistic advice, product care requirements and handling guidance, either via email, phone or through our detailed website product descriptions, blogs, case studies and user manuals.
  • We will never recommend our products to you if we do not think your application will be safe
  • We will ask for full details of the camera and other hardware you wish to safely elevate, to ensure that you will not overload, overstress or mishandle our products
  • We only provide cameras and associated accessories from high quality external suppliers we trust
  • We assemble our own manufactured products, and quality test every component before dispatch
  • We also quality test every camera and accessory we source from external suppliers before dispatch.

However - no product is perfect – therefore, while we cannot accept warranty returns on the basis of wear and tear (i.e. impact, moisture ingress, extreme temperatures, damaged over exposed sensors), or misuse (i.e. operator not paying attention to the risks), we are ready to replace any component (within reason and in supply) that is proven to have failed under normal working conditions (i.e. as detailed in our communication with you, our website, product descriptions and user manuals as supplied).

The terms of our warranty and returns procedure are detailed below, and the coverage and terms vary dependant on:

  • If the product was both made and supplied by Vantage Point Products (i.e. our aerial imaging mast systems and camera pole systems)
  • If the product was sourced by Vantage Point Products from an external supplier (i.e. a Sony camera), and then supplied to the end customer
  • If the manufacturer’s warranty for the externally sourced product does not cover the region the end customer is based in , e.g. Vantage Point Products buy and source a Sony camera in the UK, which is covered under the Sony UK and European warranty, but the end customer we supply is based outside of that region (in which case, we recommend you should contact us pre-purchase and we will provide you with details of where you can buy a matching or similar product in country from an approved supplier, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for your region).

Warranty for products both made and supplied by Vantage Point Products:

All products made and supplied by Vantage Point Products are provided with a 12 month warranty covering the safe, recommended use of our products.

Neither Vantage Point Products nor its operators will be liable for any normal wear and tear, overloading, accidental or deliberate damage, including but not limited to exposure to wet weather and impact, and injury and damage to persons, property or equipment that may occur during use of our products.

Warning! The quality 100% carbon fibre we use conducts electricity – do not use in weather capable of generating electrical storms and lightning, and do not use near power lines or infrastructure capable of generating or transferring dangerous electrical energy to the operator or those nearby, in addition to the camera and hardware mounted our on aerial imaging mast systems and camera pole systems.

Warranty for products sourced by Vantage Point Products from an external supplier:

Vantage Point Products work closely with a variety of high quality innovative camera, associated hardware and accessory manufacturers, distributors, and specialists.

Vantage Point Products may purchase, stock and provide the customer with a product that has been sourced from an approved supplier in the UK or another country of origin.

If so, the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty apply, and is transferrable to any customer Vantage Point Products may supply (i.e. a Sony camera bought by Vantage Point Products in the UK, and supplied to a customer as part of our aerial imaging mast systems or camera pole systems).

The manufacturer’s warranty may carry limitations based on the country the product was sourced from (i.e. the UK) and the country the product is used in when any fault is reported.

For instance, a Sony product bought in the UK carries a Sony UK and European warranty, which does not apply if the product is shipped to and used in a country outside of that region.

If the customer is willing to be supplied an externally sourced product by Vantage Point Products, but they are based outside the geographic area covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (ie. Sony UK and Europe for Sony cameras), then the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply, and Vantage Point Products cannot offer a matching warranty. In which case, Vantage Point Products will not accept the return of any goods, and cannot refund the value of the goods or pay for the return of the product back to the UK for repair and replacement. 

If the customer wishes to have a valid warranty on the externally sourced product supplied (i.e. a Sony camera), then Vantage Point Products will provide details of where the customer can buy a matching or similar product in country from an approved supplier, covered by the manufacturer’s warranty for the region of operation (i.e. Sony Australia).     

Returns procedure (for products made by Vantage Point Products or sourced from an external supplier):

Vantage Point Products adheres to the UK Consumer Contracts regulations for online retailers.

In the very unlikely event that a product supplied to the customer by Vantage Point Products is reported to be faulty, damaged or incomplete, please let us know straight away via telephone and email (for our records) so the issue can be resolved (telephone +44 (0) 2380 982 366 or email help@vantagepointproducts.com)

If you have simply changed your mind and no longer require our product (Non-custom made, non-volume purchase products only):

  • All the goods must unused and undamaged. We can easily tell if a product has been used, and will not issue a refund
  • Vantage Point Products must be notified within 7 days of receipt that you intend to return the goods as supplied
  • The customer must return the goods to us in the same protective packaging they were shipped in
  • The customer will need to pay for the return shipping costs via a secure, insured, tracked courier service (must be UPS, TNT or equivalent courier capable or safely transporting goods that require additional handling). As a UPS account holder, Vantage Point Products can assist you with this if required, and invoice you in advance for these shipping costs.
  • The goods must be delivered to the following location within 14 days, and signed for by Vantage Point Products and one of its operators:


Vantage Point Products

MB02 c/o Ready Steady Store

M3 Trade Park

Manor Way



SO50 9YA


  •  Upon safe receipt of the returned goods, Vantage Point Products will carefully inspect each item to check that they are unused by the customer.
  • If satisfied the goods are unused and in good working order, Vantage Point Products will issue a refund within 14 days of us receiving and inspecting the goods.
  • If not satisfied, Vantage Point Products will provide details on where our returns policy has not been complied with, along with official notification that a full refund will not be issued to the customer.
  • If we accept that some or all the goods have been used by the customer, but the goods as a whole pass our quality control checks again and are in a re-saleable condition, Vantage Point Products reserves the right to deduct a fee (variable % of the sale price) to cover our time, restocking and associated costs. After informing the customer of the fee, we will seek their agreement to refund the balance.
  • Of course, as our products have value on the aerial survey and inspection market, a customer may choose to re-sell the goods they purchased, instead of returning them to Vantage Point Products.