What mast height should I choose?

Key Considerations:

How high do you need to reach to properly aerial camera survey a two, three, four or even five storey roof or solar array?

Do you really need a drone capable of flying up to the legal limit of 400ft if most of your surveys are up to 50ft?

Is the camera on your drone really going to give you 18.2 megapixel photos and 20 x optical zoom, as with just one of Vantage Point Products camera systems that provides remote live view and remote control at 50ft / 15m / five storeys high?

Would you rather safely elevate a DSLR, APS-C size sensor, micro four thirds or mirrorless camera, with a quality lens of your choice, or a pro high zoom compact, rather than rely on a tiny drone camera?

How We Can Help You:

Vantage Point Products can help you decide which of our 20ft, 30ft, 40ft or 50ft camera mast systems will suit your day to day work.


For more than five years, we have designed, tried, tested and continually improved our products for professionals who want to safely elevate a range of cameras to enable stable aerial imaging – all without a drone.

Our masts are designed to be:

  • Very light (the heaviest is only 6.2kg if you include tripod, and the lightest is 2kg!)
  • Portable (all under 1.93m long retracted)
  • Simple to transport (fits in most cars)
  • & Quick to use (set up in less than 5 minutes).


We are always happy to help! Contact us using our online form and we will reply within the day (usually within 2 hours!). Or you can speak directly to Tom on +44 (0) 23 8098 2366 or email tom@vantagepointproducts.com

Need more information?

This article raises some important points to consider if you a trying to decide whether to use a drone or a mast (or both!) to capture elevated aerial images

Every business owner has to weigh up the costs vs the benefits of using a camera pole system, especially when compared to using a drone.  

Our mast systems are highly versatile and are compatible with a wide range of imaging devices, but camera compatibility and safe control at height is a vital subject in the world of aerial imaging.  

If you have a tight shoot deadline or are ordering from outside the UK, it will be worth taking a look at our shipping and delivery information or contacting us prior to purchase so that we can help you plan for success.