Tall WiFi APoS Site Survey Tripod Masts - 10ft to 40ft / 3m to 12m

  • Our UK made and assembled 10ft (3m) to 40ft (12.2m) industrial grade carbon fibre Wi-Fi APoS masts and aluminium tripods are used by professional Wi-Fi engineers to quickly, safely and profitably carry out pre-deployment active Wi-Fi AP surveys for offices, hospitals, hotels, schools / education campus, indoor / outdoor venues, warehouses, distribution centres, and factories.
  • By using our unique safe, strong, stable, lightweight, easy to use and highly portable Wi-Fi tripod masts, Wi-Fi engineers are saving time and money, by increasing the speed and profitability of every Wi-Fi site survey.
  • Wi-Fi engineers no longer have to rely on expensive and time consuming work platforms and SkyJacks to elevate an AP to the correct height for Wi-Fi coverage emulation.

For more information about how to use our Wi-Fi tripod masts for an APoS survey, take a look at our blog article here

To make sure that your existing AP is compatible with our masts, please look through our AP compatibility list

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