How to WiFi APoS survey a 12m 40ft warehouse factory with a tall mast

How to WiFi APoS survey a 12m 40ft warehouse factory with a tall mast

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So… you are a professional Wi-Fi Engineer, and your customer has asked you to carry out a highly accurate pre-deployment, active Wi-Fi AP site survey of their very tall warehouse or factory that has high ceilings; to plan and install the access points and antennas at height so that their staff can guarantee signal to operate handheld scanners, devices and other machinery with solid Wi-Fi connection in all locations on the ground.

Among a list of problems to overcome, HEIGHT and POSITION of the AP and antenna is right up there (if you pardon the pun). 


How will you get the necessary height you need to position your AP and antenna to carry out a safe, accurate and time efficient active Wi-Fi AP site survey for such a tall facility? Will you have to hire large, costly, time intensive mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP's) like a SkyJack, or set up scaffolding? That would also interrupt existing site work, such as staff and forklift work paths, assembly lines and more.

Add to this the fact that a warehouse or factory will have many objects that can impede, absorb or reflect the radio signals; the usual suspects being metal racking, machinery, and roof supports, not to mention the ever changing stock on the shelving.

Most warehouse and factory walls, potential drop-down mounting points and ceilings where an AP could be mounted are at least two to three storeys / 20ft to 30ft / 6m to 9 metres tall, while larger facilities are four storeys / 40ft / 12m tall!


You need a solution that is fast, safe, easy to use and strong enough to mount and elevate your survey test AP of choice to that height, and at the angle you want for your antenna.

To carry out a cost effective, profitable Wi-Fi AP site survey, you’ll need a solution with a small footprint, that can also be quickly be moved from position to position without interrupting your customer’s site work flow – ideally a solution that only requires a single Wi-Fi engineer per survey, two at the most.

When analysing the wireless propagation and signal reception performance at ground level using a spectrum analyser and site survey hot-spot software (i.e. Ekahau Sidekick and Ekahau Pro Site Survey Tool software), you will need to trust that your AP and antenna will be safe and stable at height, so you can walk away and around the area being surveyed, and focus on gathering the data. 


Vantage Point Products have supplied our strong, stable, yet lightweight and highly portable industrial grade carbon fibre mast and aluminium tripod systems to multiple professional Wi-Fi AP site survey engineers around the world.


These are easy to carry, never weighing more than 6.2 kgs, and when retracted will fit in hatchback, saloon, estate car and larger vehicles. They can even be transported overseas by air in the baggage hold, contained in ski / snowboard soft or hard cases with minimal costs!

We source an industry renowned, highly trusted, quality US made universal AP mounting solution known as the Wi-Fi Stand Bracket and Wi-Fi Stand XL Bracket, that is compatible with the following AP’s, and carbon fibre pole and tripod systems made in the UK by Vantage Point Products (Click here for a list of Compatible AP's)

Once you mount the Wi-Fi AP mounting bracket, AP and antenna on the top of our secure mast mounting point, and run power to the AP from a battery at the base, you are ready to begin your active Wi-Fi AP site survey.

In 3-5 minutes, you can simply position the mast where required, extend it to the height you want, and then analyse the Wi-Fi spectrum performance at ground level.

Our high modulus carbon fibre mast and aluminium tripod systems will keep your AP and antenna stable in position at heights up to 40ft / 12.2m, without the excessive flex and sway at full extension that is all too common with telescopic aluminium, glass fibre or poor quality low modulus carbon fibre pole systems.  

Easily move our mast and tripod system from position to position on location, setting up inside and outside the property being surveyed. Wheeled castors can be added, but are usually not required due to the light weight and portability of the entire system.


By using our unique mast and tripod system, a professional Wi-Fi engineer can save time and money per site survey, as well as increasing the planning accuracy and optimising the performance of the final Wi-Fi AP deployment.      

Vantage Point Products can provide a range of mast and tripod systems that reach the following heights and can safely elevate a variety of payloads, all supplied with a choice of two AP mounting bracket sizes and an optional padded carry bag.


To customise your Wi-Fi APoS Survey mast requirements, click here to view our 6m 9m 12m Tall Mast Tripod for APoS Warehouse Site Surveys

If you are looking for a shorter Wi-Fi APoS mast, then have a look at our alternative product here, the 12ft to 16ft Wi-Fi APoS mast tripod for office, hotel and school site surveys


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