Shipping and Delivery Information

Vantage Point Products ship our aerial imaging mast systems and camera pole systems worldwide using UPS secure, tracked, signed for methods.

Our products are classed by UPS as items that require additional handling (the average box length is 188cm).

Examples of average UPS shipping timescales:

  • UK mainland = 2 working days
  • UK to Europe = 2-5 working days (dependent on region)
  • UK to USA or Canada = 5-7 working days
  • UK to Australia = 7-10 working days


Please note - if the customer has a specific deadline to meet to receive the goods, they should contact us in advance of placing and paying for their order, so that Vantage Point Products can set aside the time required to assemble, quality test and dispatch the goods to meet these delivery timescales:

  • Telephone: UK +44 (0) 2380 982 366
  • Email:
  • Contact us via our contact form


Shipping charges – UK mainland:

For orders over £100.00 (Ex VAT) we offer UK mainland shipping via UPS (secure, tracked and signed for) without charge.

For orders under £100.00 (Ex VAT), we will issue a shipping quote to charge the customer either for UPS shipping (secure, tracked and signed for), or Royal Mail (tracked and signed for), so that we only charge what is reasonable (usually for smaller items, i.e. mounts or bags).

Shipping charges – International (non UK mainland):

For orders to be shipped outside of the UK, please add your items to the cart and enter your shipping address to see the UPS shipping charges (applicable to most countries we ship to). If your country is not shown, please contact us and we will acquire a quote from UPS and inform you of these costs.

This shipping charge is on the basis of a single unit order (i.e. 1 x aerial imaging mast system or camera pole system per box), and you should contact us if you wish to purchase multiple units as we will then be able to plan the shipments to minimise charges as far as possible (i.e. several camera pole systems in one box).

UK and International Delivery timescales:

On average, after you place and pay for your order (assuming all components are in stock) before 11:00 GMT, we can dispatch an aerial camera mast system or camera pole system (after assembly and quality testing) within 2 working days. Sourcing products (i.e. cameras) from external suppliers will extend these timescales.

UPS can offer next working day delivery (UK mainland and certain other countries), but the customer should allow for potential delays (see below).

Faster UPS delivery timescales will require higher charges passed on to the customer (before placing and paying for your order) to cover these costs.

Unexpected delays and potential importation charges:

  • Delays can be added either by UPS (i.e. delayed in transit), the relevant destination’s customs authority, or even the customer if they delay in paying UPS (as the broker) any of the customs importation charges that the customs authority may apply.
  • Acting as the broker, UPS will contact the customer using the telephone number we provide them, in order to collect any monies related to the national customs authority’s charges that may apply.
  • Please note - The goods will be held in the UPS warehouse until all charges imposed by the national customs authority have been settled. Only then will delivery via UPS take place from the UPS warehouse to the final shipping address.


UK Value Added Tax (VAT) and / or Destination Country Importation Customs Charges:

  • UK VAT and non VAT registered customers - As a UK VAT registered business, Vantage Point Products must charge UK VAT (at 20%) on all orders bought within and shipped to the UK. An invoice showing the VAT element will be provided the customer post-purchase; so that UK VAT registered businesses can re-claim the VAT.
  • EU VAT and non VAT registered customers - Unless a customer purchasing from and having the goods shipped to the EU is an EU VAT registered business (in which case you must provide us with your EU VAT number, and we will not charge the 20% UK VAT), Vantage Point Products will charge 20% VAT on all goods purchased.
  • UPS Customs Admin Charges - Acting as the broker (a great deal of paperwork is involved in order to import goods into another country), UPS will charge a one off small fee for carrying out this administration work and holding the goods safely in the warehouse until all customs charges are settled. When contacted to settle customs charges, the customer can request a verbal and email breakdown of costs applied both by UPS as the broker, and by the local customs authority.
  • National Importation Customs Authority Charges - These can differ per country due to international agreements, but if you wish to have the HS Commodity code and product value in advance of placing your order we can provide this. Then, you can contact your local customs authority and provide this information, and they may be able to provide an estimate of charges (i.e. Import Duty, Taxes, Admin, etc.), or you can look online for further details.
  • Average importation charges – Vantage Point Products have not heard of any exorbitantly prohibitive charges being applied by countries that abide by the law or reasonable local authorities. For certain countries whose administration falls outside known legal or acceptable boundaries for customs importation, we recommend the customer work with a local “agent” in country who will “facilitate” the importation.