16ft 5m WiFi APoS mast tripod for office, hotel, school site surveys

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  • Reaches 16ft (4.9m) before AP bracket mount is added
  • Safely elevate a 4kg payload to max extension of 16ft (4.9m). Mast and tripod retract to only 1.48m and weighs just 4.5kg.
  • Both masts easily fit in airplane baggage holds and small vehicles
  • Choose from two sizes of AP mounting brackets (see below for AP compatibility info)
  • Our proven Wi-Fi APoS site survey solution for office, hospital, hotel, school / education campus and indoor / outdoor venues
  • Price excludes VAT
  • We ship internationally

  • Our UK made 16ft (4.9m) industrial grade carbon fibre masts and aluminium tripods are used by professional Wi-Fi engineers to quickly, safely and profitably carry out office, hospital, hotel, school / education campus and indoor / outdoor venue pre-deployment active Wi-Fi AP surveys above 9ft.
  • Wi-Fi engineers report that modern building ceilings are often taller than the traditional 9ft height and their historic AP-on-a-stick kit is not tall, strong or stable enough to safely elevate the typical weight of AP and antenna required for these areas. 
  • By using our unique strong, stable, lightweight, easy to use and highly portable Wi-Fi tripod masts, Wi-Fi engineers are saving time and money, by increasing the speed and profitability of every Wi-Fi site survey.
  • Make the best impression with your customers by using a professional looking Wi-Fi APoS site survey solution. Avoid the stress of trying to elevate an AP (and antenna) on a DIY APoS or a repurposed flimsy thin light stand. 
  • We know that many of our Wi-Fi engineers and IT professionals travel extensively by air and car, so our Wi-Fi mast tripods (including our taller 6m, 9m 12m range available here) are designed to fit in airplane baggage holds and small vehicles. 
  • Our 16ft masts are made from industrial grade max standard modulus 100% carbon fibre with a very wide outer diameter top section, which is essential for the safe and stable elevation of Wi-Fi AP's and antennas, without the excessive flex and sway at full extension that is all too common with telescopic aluminium, glass fibre or poor quality low modulus carbon fibre mast systems.  
  • We source an industry renowned, highly trusted, quality US made universal AP mounting solution that is compatible with an extensive range of manufacturer's AP's including (but not limited to) Cisco, Meraki, Extreme, Juniper Mist, Ruckus and more.
  • Easily move our mast and tripod system from position to position on location, setting up inside and outside the building being surveyed. Includes 190 cm padded weather resistant carry bag. Wheeled castors with brakes can be added, but are not always required due to the lightweight and portability of the entire system.


The Result:

  • By using our unique mast and tripod system a professional Wi-Fi engineer can save time and money per site survey, as well as increasing the planning accuracy and optimising the performance of the final Wi-Fi AP deployment. 



  • 16ft / 4.9m (before AP mounting bracket) - 1.48m retracted, weighs 4.5kg with tripod 
  • 4kg max recommended payload at 4.9m (indoors, no wind), 5kg at 3-3.5m (partial top sections extension – indoors, not wind), 3kg payload at 4.9m (outdoors – light winds – guyed)
  • These are not the breaking points of our carbon fibre; it is the weight at which a slight flex / lean of the top section will occur at full extension (un-guyed).


What do you get?

  • Free UK Mainland shipping with UPS - we ship worldwide! 
  • Use the product option tabs above to select which height of mast, the size of AP bracket you require (check AP compatibility here)
  • One CNC aluminium and stainless steel screw mount and base plate, to connect the mast to the AP mounting bracket, specifically designed to spread and balance the weight of an AP
  • A set of 3 tripod leg weight bags for added stability (sold empty, but easily filled with dry sand by customer)
  • Weather resistant padded carry bag (190cm long), suitable for vehicle and air plane hold transport
  • Comprehensive user guide and manual
  • 12 month warranty

IF SELECTED - 1 x (Discounted by £50.00) AccelTex V2 ATS-SSBP-02 PoE site survey battery + secure battery tripod grip arm mount.


Not Included:

  • The AP, antenna or any cables, power supply or associated data power hardware
  • Spectrum analyser and site survey heatmap software 


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Warning! The quality 100% carbon fibre we use conducts electricity – do not use in weather capable of generating electrical storms and lightning, and do not use near power lines or infrastructure capable of generating or transferring dangerous electrical energy to the operator or those nearby, or any hardware mounted our on carbon fibre mast tripods.

Vantage Point products email a user guide with every telescopic carbon fibre mast tripod we supply, so that the operator can gain the most benefit from our products in terms of safety, operation and maintenance. The user guide can also be sent to the customer pre-purchase, so they can review it and plan for safe, efficient use in the field.

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What our customers say:

- “We have been using your camera pole systems on our Solar PV inspection project and they have proved to be an essential part of the project and we would highly recommend them. My lead O&M engineer now has one permanently on his van and they are proving vital to our O&M operations.” - MC – Operations & Maintenance Team Leader – UK

- “We are really loving this system we purchased from you earlier this year. Are you able to provide me with a quote for another 4 units?” - JH – Insurance Restoration Solutions Provider- Australia

- “Now that the cold weather has hit, our drones have been grounded. We have circulated the mast around to our field folks, and guess what…..they all want one! I would like to go ahead and order three (3) more of the same aerial masts with camera”. - TN - Insurance Loss Adjuster, Ohio, USA

- “As you know I have been making good use of my mast, it has been an immensely useful tool, so far enabling me to obtain plan view shots for a collection of rare cars worth a total of over £7million. Such a great bit of kit, I couldn’t be without it!” - DK - Automotive Technical Drawings - UK

- “We recently purchased a 50ft Carbon Fibre pole, with camera from you and must say we are extremely pleased with the product. We’re very satisfied with the pole, its ease of use and portability.” - KV - Director, Surveyor - UK

- “Surveyors are delighted with the camera & pole, they used it yesterday and were able to take photos where we could not operate our drone.” - MM - Architects and Surveyors - UK

- “The product is great and has helped hugely with my assignment. Very impressed. The Hasselblad X1D works really well on it, even tentatively at full height. Thanks again for everything, you have designed a very impressive well-made product.” - GP - World Renowned Aerial Photographer & Qualified Drone Operator – UK

- “I have had the pole up to max extension and was pleasantly surprised how little it bent…I used the pole with the Canon 5dIII with a cam ranger and 16-35mm lens…I’ve just had an attempt using a Panasonic TZ100 compact…being able remotely control the zoom is a big bonus. As it has built in wifi I didn’t need the cam ranger and didn’t have any comms problems at all.” - ML – Aerial Photographer & Qualified Drone Operator

– “People that saw the results thought I’d used a drone. Prompt service and great support. If I didn’t think the mast was suitable I would have been honest about it, but it’s a great system.” - PC – Materials, Plant Inspection & Asset Care Specialist – UK

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