Drone or Mast (or both)

Key Considerations:

If you want to fly a commercially operated drone, you will need at least the following ready for every flight:

  • PfCO training and license
  • Insurance
  • Drone hardware
  • Local flight approvals (CAA et al)
  • Completed method statement and flight plan
  • Full control of the area of operation, to make sure you pose no risk to people or properties
  • Favourable weather
  • (and no paranoid neighbours objecting to the camera, noise or perceived “privacy” issues)


Unless all of the above can be acquired, and you have received close proximity flight training, you will always face at least the following restrictions:

  • Remain 150ft (50m) away from people and properties
  • Remain 500ft (150m) away from crowds and built up areas, and don’t overfly”
  • As of 13th March 2019, you cannot fly a drone within 5km of an airfield
  • Visit caa.co.uk and www.dronesafe.co.uk for more specific information.


How We Can Help You:

Drones are amazing tools, but many of our customers that rely on our aerial imaging mast systems and camera pole systems are already fully qualified professional commercial drone operators.

They know that, on many occasions, a drone cannot or should not be used, either due to national or local restrictions, or because using an aerial imaging mast system or camera pole system is at times much faster and more cost and time efficient.

Vantage Point Products can supply you with a high quality, safe, stable and comparatively cost effective high reach aerial imaging mast system or a camera pole system that can reach anywhere between 20ft-50ft, or two to five storeys.  

To use our mast systems you don’t need time intensive training or many thousands of pounds of equipment tying up your cash flow or credit for months or years.

We are always happy to help! Contact us using our online form and we will reply within the day (usually within 2 hours!). Or you can speak directly to Tom on +44 (0) 23 8098 2366 or email tom@vantagepointproducts.com

Need more information?

Every business owner has to weigh up the costs vs the benefits of using a camera pole system, especially when compared to using a drone.  

Are you trying to decide what mast height would be best for your elevated imaging application? We have some guidance that could help you decide. 

Our mast systems are highly versatile and are compatible with a wide range of imaging devices, but camera compatibility and safe control at height is a vital subject in the world of aerial imaging.  

If you have a tight shoot deadline or are ordering from outside the UK, it will be worth taking a look at our shipping and delivery information or contacting us prior to purchase so that we can help you plan for success.