Cost vs Benefits (ROI)

Key Considerations:

No-one (not even us) likes to spend money on an aerial imaging tool (mast or drone) that they’re either not sure will work for them, or they think will be used only now and again.

The best aerial imaging tools are multi- application, enabling the fastest possible return on investment.

Every professional considering an aerial imaging tool needs to think about at least the following factors:

  • If I can’t fly a drone on location, how will I capture the images my customer requires?
  • How much are they paying me for this survey, and what will I lose out on if I can’t capture aerial images on site?
  • If I could capture aerial images without restriction by using an aerial imaging mast system, and then use the drone wherever possible too, could I make more money in the long run?


Once you consider the above, the answer should be obvious.

  • If I can’t fly a drone, and the area to be surveyed is below 50ft  

- an aerial imaging mast system will solve my problem.

  •  If the customer wants to pay me for quality images captured at 50ft or below, then it doesn’t matter if I don’t capture them using a drone

– an aerial imaging mast system will solve my problem.

  • If I can capture high quality , high definition, high optical zoom images below 50ft without facing flight restrictions, then I would make more money more often

– an aerial imaging mast system will solve my problem.

Budget is important, but by considering the above, your decision should not be based on budget alone

Instead, you decision should be based on the financial return you expect to get by using such a tool to access areas your competitors cannot, or areas where a drone is not safe or permitted to fly.

How We Can Help You:

For more than five years, Vantage Point Products have supplied many aerial imaging professionals with our range of safe, stable, high quality carbon fibre aerial imaging mast systems and camera pole systems.

We can help you come to a fully informed decision regarding our products, without any pressure to purchase.

Our expert advice is honest, realistic and focused on your area of interest.

All our products are comparatively cost effective when you consider the cost of commercial drone hardware, training, insurance, and day to day operation. 

We are always happy to help! Contact us using our online form and we will reply within the day (usually within 2 hours!). Or you can speak directly to Tom on +44 (0) 23 8098 2366 or email


Need more information?

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