WRU Wales Rugby - Sports Video Mast Tools for Performance Analysis

WRU Wales Rugby - Sports Video Mast Tools for Performance Analysis

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Vantage Point Products are proud to be a regular supplier to the Welsh Rugby Union. Here is a special insight into how these teams use our sports video mast tools for performance analysis.

Starting with Scarlets Rugby in 2017, Vantage Point Products have received positive feedback and recommendation after recommendation to supply other teams within the WRU.

Proudest of these achievements has been providing several of our sports video masts to the Wales national team since 2018.

To date, our elevated sports video mast systems have been used by WRU performance analysts to capture safe, stable, high reach HD video at 20ft/ 6.1m, 30ft / 9.25m and even 40ft / 12.2m – used with, or without our tripod.

Sports Video Mast for performance analysis - North Wales Rugby, Regional Performance Manager

Using high quality Sony 4K camcorders for optical zoom, and Sony action cameras for wide angle field action capture (with wired or wireless live video and remote camera control) the WRU’s performance analysts have monitored player formations, tactical plays and even scrums from above (see image below) to mention a few applications (we can't give away any of customer's training secrets now can we!)

Wales Rugby National Team Instagram Video showing Vantage Point Products Sports Video Masts

(Credit: Welsh Rugby Union Instagram)

At Vantage Point Products, we build our sports masts from a special type of high quality lightweight (but strong!) carbon fibre, so these have easily been transported, both nationally and internationally - as far as the Americas to the West and Japan to the East for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.   

Rhodri Bown is National Head of Performance Analysis for the Wales national Rugby team, and is supported by professional colleagues working behind the scenes on performance analysis, including Andrew Hughes – Senior National Performance Analyst, Marc Kinnaird – National Performance Analyst, Chris Berry – National Performance Analyst (see this article on Wales online “The unseen team behind the Welsh rugby squad)

Rhodri Bown with Vantage Point Products sports video camera mast

Rhodri Bown - National Head of Performance Analysis (Credit Image: Ben Evans/Huw Evans Agency as shown on Wales Online)

Wales national team, and the entire WRU, are known worldwide for the innovative, cutting edge and professional approach they take to performance analysis.

To quote Warren Gatland, the Wales Coach since 2007 who in part led the national team to achieve four Six Nations titles, three Grand Slams, and two Rugby World Cup semi-finals: “We have an analysis team that has been around a long time, they know the coaches and players, they know what we are looking for. Analysis is such an important part of the game, having experienced people in those roles really benefits us.”

Now we don’t know about you, but we’re not going to argue with that level of experience when it comes to sports performance analysis!


Why not follow the example of the world leading Rugby performance analysts at the Welsh Rugby Union, give us a call and choose to work with us.

Our advice is friendly, professional and free of charge, so we can help you come to a fully informed decision as to which product you should consider investing in.

Who knows….with the right experience and equipment, maybe you will be your country’s next National Head of Performance Analysis!