How to safely aerial survey a roof or inspect solar panels up to 50ft / 15m / five storeys - without using a drone or MEWP.

How to safely aerial survey a roof or inspect solar panels up to 50ft / 15m / five storeys - without using a drone or MEWP.

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Are you trying to safely inspect and survey a roof or solar installation, but you cannot fly a drone close enough due to current national or local flight restrictions?

Is a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) or scaffold too time intensive, costly or unsuitable for the location? 

Then there is a proven alternative solution many professional surveyors rely on:

Vantage Point Products high quality, strong, rigid and easy to operate wireless camera pole systems – Quickly and safely reach up to 50ft / 15m / five storeys, and easily capture high resolution, 20 x optical zoom HD images.

So....the customer has contacted you to inspect and survey the roof and or solar panels of a three to five storey building. They've read about how amazing drones are, and they ask you to take high resolution close up images of the property......Easy right?

Not if you are a CAA approved, PfCO trained professional surveyor who knows the law on commercial imaging drone flights within close proximity to people and properties, restricting access to areas within:

So what do you do? You have some things to consider:

  • First, will the time and money invested in additional close proximity drone flight training enable you to meet your customer's requirements?
  • Second, if you can legally use a drone on location, is it safe to do so?
  • Third, will the camera on the drone be able to quickly and easily capture high resolution images, with high optical zoom quality? Drones that carry those types of camera are very expensive!

Ideally you'd be able to turn up on site, ensure it is safe to carry out the survey, take your equipment out of your vehicle and then get on with capturing high quality aerial images.

So - if it is not safe, allowable, or cost effective to use a drone, what professional tool can you rely on instead?

Take a look at the images captured using our 50ft / 15m high modulus carbon fibre wireless inspection and survey camera system and of it is use – Problem solved!

Vantage Point Products 50ft five storey roof inspection camera pole system

Vantage Point Products 50ft 15 meters five storey camera pole system in use at ground level

Vantage Point Products Wireless Roof Camera Pole system for roof and solar survey and inspection being shown using Live View on a Smartphone


To learn more, please click here to see our product range specifically designed to safely elevate either:


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