How to Mount an AP & Antenna on a WiFiStand for Warehouse WiFi Surveys

How to Mount an AP & Antenna on a WiFiStand for Warehouse WiFi Surveys

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How would you safely elevate an Access Point AP and antenna to reach a high ceiling for a distribution warehouse Wi-Fi site survey?

Vantage Point Products have supplied our tall industrial grade carbon fibre Wi-Fi APoS mast tripods to many professional Wi-Fi design engineering companies around the world, from the USA to Japan.

Our customers have safely elevated light weight and heavier weight AP's and antennas as high as 40ft / 12.2m, including AP's from Cisco, Meraki, Extreme, Ruckus and more, as well as antennas from Cisco, AccelTex and others. 

During customer consultation, several questions may come up. Let's answer one of these today.


"How do I safely and securely mount our AP and antenna onto your Wi-Fi APoS mast system?"


You can mount almost any AP and antenna combination you need for your Wi-Fi site survey. For instance, the most common payload for warehouse Wi-Fi site surveys elevated on our high modulus 100% carbon fibre mast and aluminium tripod systems are the Cisco 3802E AP (2090g) and AIR-ANT2566P4W-R Antenna (635g).


To securely mount almost any AP, Vantage Point Products use the industry renowned and trusted AP mounting bracket solution made by WiFiStand in the USA. The WiFiStand AP brackets come in various shapes and sizes (less than 500g) to suit popular AP’s. All WiFiStand brackets securely connect to Vantage Point Products’ own UK made stainless steel and aluminium mounting solution. 

Vantage Point Products WiFi stand mount

Vantage Point Products’ male stainless steel ¼”-20 screw securely connects to the female ¼”-20 screw mount on all WiFiStand brackets. Vantage Point Products’ aluminium mounting plate has been specifically designed to support and spread the weight of any AP payload mounted on top.


Vantage Point Products WiFiStand AP and Antenna mounting on Wi-Fi survey mast tripod

To mount the antenna there are various solutions available on the market, but Vantage Point Products recommend the lightest (360g) low cost strong pole mount made by Ventev, known as the Terrawave Universal Articulating Mount (TW-ART-MOUNTT). You may need an adapter plate to mount your chosen Antenna, for instance Ventev make an (444g) adapter plate for the AIR-ANT2566P4W-R. AccelTex also make a very high quality antenna mounting pole mount arm, though this is heavier (1430g) due to its rugged design for semi-permanent antenna installations. 


Safe and stable elevation of a heavier (2090g) Cisco 3802E AP and AIR-ANT2566P4W-R Antenna (635g), or a lighter (400g) Extreme AP305CX and heavier (1130g) AccelTex ATS-OP-245-13-4NP-36 "BattleAxe" antenna (on a 1430g AccelTex pole mount arm), to between 30ft / 9.25m and near 40ft / 12.2m!

By using our safe, proven, recommended mast extension techniques, you will achieve a highly stable simulated AP and antenna position. While our masts can be used outdoors in mild to moderate winds (see below), warehouse Wi-Fi site surveys are usually performed out of the elements with zero wind and on flat surfaces. You do not need to worry about wobble or sway, if used properly!   

Vantage Point Products Tall Wi-Fi Site Survey Mast Tripod for Cisco AP and Antenna


Vantage Point Products 40ft 12m Wi-Fi Tall Mast for Warehouse Wi-Fi Site Survey AccelTex Antenna Extreme AP



Please contact us and tell us:

1. The height you require.

2. The make/s and model/s of AP and antenna you wish to safely elevate (we will research the total payload weight and make our recommendations for maximum safety and stability).

3. When you need us to deliver by - We ship worldwide using UPS!

To customise your Wi-Fi APoS Survey mast requirements, click here to view our 6m 9m 12m Tall Mast Tripod for APoS Warehouse Site Surveys

If you are looking for a shorter Wi-Fi APoS mast, then have a look at our alternative product here, the 12ft to 16ft Wi-Fi APoS mast tripod for office, hotel and school site surveys

To discuss your requirements, please email us on, or call UK +44 (0)2380 982 366 and speak with Tom Hogan, Owner and Product Designer for Vantage Point Products.