How to use high reach camera pole survey equipment to inspect a roof

How to use high reach camera pole survey equipment to inspect a roof

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Do you need to capture high resolution images to inspect the roof of a 3 or 5 storey property, but you cannot safely or legally fly a commercially operated drone on site? Too time consuming and expensive to hire scaffolding or a MEWP? Why not consider our 35ft or 50ft reach carbon fibre HD camera pole survey system – it’s fast, stable, safe, easy to use and comparatively lower cost.

Let’s face it: Drones are amazing - they are the busy buzzy future. Almost everyone wants to own one. Every customer asks you if you have one to survey their property. They’re perfect for fly overs. There are many professional training organisations to help you learn how to fly.

But…. In the UK (and other countries with similar drone flight restrictions) when you need to safely and legally use a drone for commercial purposes to inspect and survey a property and roof, the problems begin (take a deep breath, or skip to the end to see the solution):

  1. The cost of the drone capable of capturing high definition video and high resolution photos.
  2. The very short flight time 20-40 minutes, a lot less in cold weather due to battery limits
  3. The weather restricting flight operations, most commonly wind and rain
  4. Very low range optical zoom, or poor quality digital zoom, more designed for video
  5. The cost of drone flight insurance
  6. The cost of training through a Civil Aviation Authority Approved Training Organisation (CAA ATO)
  7. The time taken away from work to be trained, and to pass (hopefully 1st time) the examinations to acquire Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO)
  8. The paperwork that needs to be completed every time you assess a site to write your take off, flight and landing plan, as well as other associated method statements.
  9. Dealing with any neighbours or locals that are either educated on drone flight law, or more often than not, ignorant, who may dispute the use of a drone perceived to be “spying” on them, their land and property.
  10. Last but not least, the legally binding safety limits and flight restrictions the Civil Aviation Authority impose on commercial operations (if used without CAA special permission), including but certainly not limited to “Regulations relating to the commercial use of small drones” Article 241, Article 94, Article 94A, Article 94B, and Article 95.

Drone Code 2019 guidance images

Are you still awake after reading all that?

Just to let you know.... while you were sat reading and wondering how anyone can quickly and easily use a drone for a commercial survey, Vantage Point Products' customers were busy....

  • They took our 35ft reach carbon fibre pole HD camera survey system out of the vehicle
  • attached the camera and smartphone, connected them wirelessly for live video feed and remote control
  • easily extended the stable pole system
  • safely captured all the 18 megapixel HD images we needed with 20 x optical zoom
  • quickly retracted the pole system, put it back into the vehicle
  • and finished emailing the images back to the office and customer for their survey file.

That was fast right? No ladders, scaffold, MEWP or drone required – just a safe, easy and profitable roof survey carried out in 10 mins flat.

Three storey roof survey equipment from Vantage Point Products

Roof survey of guttering, flashing and tiles by camera pole from Vantage Point Products

You’ll also be pleased to know that you don’t have to choose between owning a drone OR owning a camera pole system. It is not one or the other. Most of our customers are already trained, insured and legally registered commercial drone pilots in their country (i.e. PfCO and CAA approved in the UK).

"So why do qualified commercial drone pilots still buy a camera pole system" you ask?

Well…. take our customer’s word for it:

UK – M.C. Operations & Maintenance Team Leader – “We have been using your camera pole systems on our Solar PV inspection project and they have proved to be an essential part of the project and we would highly recommend them. My lead O&M Engineer now has one permanently on his (vehicle) and they are proving vital to our O&M operations”. 

USA – T.N. Insurance Loss Adjustor - “Now that the cold weather has hit, our drones have been grounded. We have circulated the masts around to our field folks, and guess what….they all want one! I would like to go ahead and order three (3) more of the same aerial masts with camera”. 

Take a look at our 10m 35ft reach 3 storey 20 x optical zoom HD camera pole system for roof surveys, solar and asset inspection

Or for the tallest camera pole system available, why not consider our 50ft 15m 20 x optical zoom survey and inspection mast.

Need more information? Please give us a call or email us. Our expert advice is free, friendly, and professional. We can provide all the information you need to come to a fully informed decision.

Most importantly – Please stay safe – whether flying a drone or operating one of our camera pole systems.