10m 35ft Reach 20 x Optical Zoom HD Camera Pole System for Roof Surveys, Solar and Asset Inspection

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  • Extends to 10.08m / 33ft / three storeys
  • Retracts to 1.61m - easy to transport
  • Lightweight max standard modulus 100% carbon fibre mast weighs only 3.2kg and WiFi remote control enabled camera weighs only 164g
  • The complete all-in-one solution - strong, rigid and easy to control asset inspection camera pole system
  • Our proven solution for safe aerial surveys without using a drone
  • Price excludes VAT
  • We ship internationally

  • The professional 3 storey high reach camera pole system for aerial asset inspection, roof or solar surveys, and photogrammetry - fully remote controllable at height.
  • Enabling safe, fast, cost-effective single operator aerial imaging without using a drone.
  • Much lower cost than PfCO / CAA training and approval, and quicker than scaffolding or MEWPs.
  • Optional WiFi remote controllable compact camera weighs only 164g
  • 18.2 megapixel photos, HD video, 20 x optical zoom imaging with full remote control and live image view via smartphone or tablet (free app Android and iOS).



  • Extends to 10.08m / 33ft / three storeys (35ft reach if the pole base is lifted to waist height, which is very easy to do)
  • Retracts to 1.61m - fits in all vehicles
  • For optimum strength, stability and portability, we use max standard modulus 100% carbon fibre material 
  • Mast weighs approximately 3.2kg and included camera weighs only 164g
  • The mast can also safely support up to 1.5kg of your own imaging hardware


What's Included (Camera, if selected):

  • Free UK Mainland shipping with UPS - we ship worldwide!
  • 33ft / 10.08m telescopic max standard modulus 100% carbon fibre pole
  • All camera mounts required, including a mini tilt head for setting fixed tilt angles
  • Smartphone mast mount (any phone in landscape mode) enabling hands-free mounting of device at eye level for remote control of camera and easy live view
  • If selected - compact camera that provides 18.2 megapixel photos, HD video, 20 x optical zoom with full remote control and live image view via smartphone or tablet (free app Android and iOS)
  • Camera case 
  • Mains and USB charging accessories
  • 16GB micro SD card
  • Additional battery compatible with the compact zoom camera
  • Comprehensive user guide and manual
  • 12 month warranty - for orders outside of the UK, please see our Warranty information regarding camera equipment


If you are going to use your own camera, please tell us the exact make and model so that we can check the remote control functionality and the weight. This mast can carry up to 1.5kgs safely at full extension. 

Vantage Point Products have proven to be the go-to supplier offering an all-in-one solution that works within minutes of unboxing. 

We have provided our carbon fibre aerial imaging mast solution to multiple oil and gas professionals, industrial, commercial and domestic roof and building surveyors, asset inspection teams, solar array installers, insurance loss adjusters, scientific and academic teams around the world. 

All our customers, regardless of previous experience in aerial imaging, can safely and quickly capture high resolution images and video over the roof of a three storey property (or up to five storeys with this system) - all without the costs of time intensive flight plans, method statements and approvals that flying a drone requires. 

What our customers say:

“We have been using your camera pole systems on our Solar PV inspection project and they have proved to be an essential part of the project and we would highly recommend them. My lead O&M engineer now has one permanently on his van and they are proving vital to our O&M operations.”  - M.C. – Operations & Maintenance Team Leader – UK

Need more information?

This article raises some important points to consider if you a trying to decide whether to use a drone or a mast (or both!) to capture elevated aerial images

Every business owner has to weigh up the costs vs the benefits of using a camera pole system, especially when compared to using a drone.  

Are you a procurement manager looking to outfit your fleet of operators with our camera pole survey systems? We offer discounts for volume orders. 

We are always happy to help! Contact us using our online form and we will reply within the day (usually within 2 hours!). Or you can speak directly to Tom on +44 (0) 23 8098 2366 or email tom@vantagepointproducts.com

Looking for something to survey five storeys? 

Click here for our 50ft / 15m aerial imaging camera mast system

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Warning! The quality 100% carbon fibre we use conducts electricity – do not use in weather capable of generating electrical storms and lightning, and do not use near power lines or infrastructure capable of generating or transferring dangerous electrical energy to the operator or those nearby, or any hardware mounted our on carbon fibre mast tripods.

Vantage Point products email a user guide with every telescopic carbon fibre mast tripod we supply, so that the operator can gain the most benefit from our products in terms of safety, operation and maintenance. The user guide can also be sent to the customer pre-purchase, so they can review it and plan for safe, efficient use in the field.

We also provide extensive customer support before and after purchase, to ensure the operator will be able to use our products safely and to the full from day of delivery.


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Warranty for products sourced by Vantage Point Products from an external supplier:

Vantage Point Products work closely with a variety of high quality innovative hardware and accessory manufacturers, distributors, and specialists.

Vantage Point Products may purchase, stock and provide the customer with a product that has been sourced from an approved supplier in the UK or another country of origin.

If so, the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty apply, and is transferable to any customer Vantage Point Products may supply (i.e. a Sony camera bought by Vantage Point Products in the UK, and supplied to a customer as part of our aerial imaging mast systems or camera pole systems).

The manufacturer’s warranty may carry limitations based on the country the product was sourced from (i.e. the UK) and the country the product is used in when any fault is reported (i.e. outside the UK and Europe). For instance, a Sony product bought in the UK carries a Sony UK and European warranty, which does not apply if the product is shipped to and used in a country outside of that region.

In order for the customer to have a product warranty that covers their geographic region of operation, Vantage Point Product can refer them to an approved supplier and brand representative in their country through which the customer can purchase that product with a binding local warranty and repair service.


What our customers say:

- “We have been using your camera pole systems on our Solar PV inspection project and they have proved to be an essential part of the project and we would highly recommend them. My lead O&M engineer now has one permanently on his van and they are proving vital to our O&M operations.” - MC – Operations & Maintenance Team Leader – UK

- “We are really loving this system we purchased from you earlier this year. Are you able to provide me with a quote for another 4 units?” - JH – Insurance Restoration Solutions Provider- Australia

- “Now that the cold weather has hit, our drones have been grounded. We have circulated the mast around to our field folks, and guess what…..they all want one! I would like to go ahead and order three (3) more of the same aerial masts with camera”. - TN - Insurance Loss Adjuster, Ohio, USA

- “As you know I have been making good use of my mast, it has been an immensely useful tool, so far enabling me to obtain plan view shots for a collection of rare cars worth a total of over £7million. Such a great bit of kit, I couldn’t be without it!” - DK - Automotive Technical Drawings - UK

- “We recently purchased a 50ft Carbon Fibre pole, with camera from you and must say we are extremely pleased with the product. We’re very satisfied with the pole, its ease of use and portability.” - KV - Director, Surveyor - UK

- “Surveyors are delighted with the camera & pole, they used it yesterday and were able to take photos where we could not operate our drone.” - MM - Architects and Surveyors - UK

- “The product is great and has helped hugely with my assignment. Very impressed. The Hasselblad X1D works really well on it, even tentatively at full height. Thanks again for everything, you have designed a very impressive well-made product.” - GP - World Renowned Aerial Photographer & Qualified Drone Operator – UK

- “I have had the pole up to max extension and was pleasantly surprised how little it bent…I used the pole with the Canon 5dIII with a cam ranger and 16-35mm lens…I’ve just had an attempt using a Panasonic TZ100 compact…being able remotely control the zoom is a big bonus. As it has built in wifi I didn’t need the cam ranger and didn’t have any comms problems at all.” - ML – Aerial Photographer & Qualified Drone Operator

– “People that saw the results thought I’d used a drone. Prompt service and great support. If I didn’t think the mast was suitable I would have been honest about it, but it’s a great system.” - PC – Materials, Plant Inspection & Asset Care Specialist – UK

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