Can you trust our 12m 40ft warehouse Wi-Fi site survey mast tripods?

Can you trust our 12m 40ft warehouse Wi-Fi site survey mast tripods?

  • Vantage Point Products

The first question we want to hear from any professional Wi-Fi design engineer is this: “Does your 40ft 12m warehouse Wi-Fi mast wobble?” If you are considering investing in a tall, safe, high quality mast tripod for high ceiling Wi-Fi site surveys, you should be asking that question too….

In fact, what you’re really asking is this: “Can I trust your product, and can I trust you?”

The short answer: Yes and Yes.


  • You are the experts in optimal Wi-Fi design. We are the experts in making safe mast tripods
  • We’ve tested our product with heavy AP’s and antennas, and we know how they perform
  • If we think your payload is too heavy, or application unsafe – we’ll be honest with you
  • Vantage Point Products are proud to have a record of zero reported customer accidents
  • We don’t mass import cheap low quality carbon fibre, which performs very poorly at height
  • If loaded and operated according to our advice, our masts do not wobble.

We are a UK designer and manufacturer – not just a retail outlet.  

Vantage Point Products have been operating for more than 7 years.

After years of development, we use a special combination of industrial grade high modulus 100% carbon fibre – that volume and density of quality material doesn’t come cheap, but the performance is excellent. Why should you settle for less and increase your risk?    

Since 2014, we have successfully consulted and supplied our mast systems to a wide range of customers and industries around the world, including but not limited to:

  • Nuclear facilities
  • Oil and gas installations
  • National infrastructure and transport organisations
  • National sports teams for player performance analysis
  • Movie and gaming Reality Capture
  • And for the last 3 years to Wi-Fi site survey engineers in warehouse / industrial Wi-Fi design

Here is some of our positive feedback from Wi-Fi design customers:

HM – Belgium: “Did our first warehouse Wi-Fi design with our new survey pole delivered by Vantage Point Products. No problem to bring a heavier antenna at 11m - no more skyjack for us ;-) . Thx Tom Hogan for the 1st class service!”

For honest, professional help with your high ceiling Wi-Fi site survey APoS requirements, please contact Tom Hogan - Owner & Product Designer, on, call +44(0)2380 982366 or use our Contact Page here

After listening to your requirements we will ask for the following information from you:

  1. The minimum height in metres / feet you wish to safely reach?
  2. The exact make/s and model/s of AP you wish to safely elevate?
  3. The exact make/s and model/s of antenna/e you with to safely mount at height?
  4. Do you require antenna mounting brackets?
  5. Do you require site survey batteries, padded carry bags, tripod caster wheels, and more?
  6. Your shipping address and survey deadline to calculate accurate UPS costs and timescales?


Our range of Wi-Fi APoS Site Survey masts from 6m to 12m are available to purchase through our secure online store. 

We export globally, and regularly ship as far as North America and Australasia.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Our advice is free and highly valuable, saving you time and money.